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I wish that I had my camera with me...

So that I could show you the moving violation I witnessed the other day. The first thing that I noticed on the woman walking in front of me was her feet. She was wearing a type of red fishnet stockings, but with very large gaps in the netting. Is there a term for that kind of fishnet? It was almost like a real fish net, the gaps were much bigger than what you would normally associate with that term. Well, anyway...she had her feet in mid-height pointed black pumps, straight-legged blue jeans with about three inches of rolled-up hem, and a navy men's blazer. It was such a treat that I nearly laughed out loud.

What is with this flipping up of jeans hems anyways? It just looks stupid. I always want to ask the wearer

"Did you mommy forget to hem your new jeans?"
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sounds kind of cool....and i LIKE those new red fishnets
they're called "fencenet"
that doesn't sound that bad to me, really. i dont really like red stockings of any kind.
i have pink ones...they're fun over purple tights
Seriously, you guys had to be there. The stockings were one thing, but the jeans rolled back that far? C'mon, what is the fashion justification for that?
i'm confused....was she wearing fishnets and jeans together? eeeek
Yup! Now, the stockings were intriguing (thanks to y'all for telling me what they are called) and I could see them working in a better context. I guess my main bjection was to the major focus brought to the bottom half of the legs. Combining the pumps, hose, and the rolled jeans was just ickie.
heehee....'nuff said!
ii think i'm the first to thrive off a few fashion crimes....i think the funniest 80's comeback is acid wash jeans! ewwwwwwwwwww
sometimes they are called pothole tights
I have no sewing machine here with me, I can't hem my jeans. I can't help it I look stupid :(