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I wish that I had my camera with me...

So that I could show you the moving violation I witnessed the other day. The first thing that I noticed on the woman walking in front of me was her feet. She was wearing a type of red fishnet stockings, but with very large gaps in the netting. Is there a term for that kind of fishnet? It was almost like a real fish net, the gaps were much bigger than what you would normally associate with that term. Well, anyway...she had her feet in mid-height pointed black pumps, straight-legged blue jeans with about three inches of rolled-up hem, and a navy men's blazer. It was such a treat that I nearly laughed out loud.

What is with this flipping up of jeans hems anyways? It just looks stupid. I always want to ask the wearer

"Did you mommy forget to hem your new jeans?"
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